Foldable tricycle


The tricycle DI BLASI R32 can be folded just in five seconds, with three simple operations, to such sizes that it can be easily carried in the boot of the cars, on camper, on  public means of transport, etc. It can be trailed on its service wheels, like a trolley.

In  the same easy way it can  be unfolded and become a comfortable tricycle, suitable for all ages.
These features make the mod. R32 easy to use even away from home and when travelling.
It can only be driven only by pedals but the 6-speed derailleur allows to adapt the pedaling effort to all personal needs and all routes.

The low frame makes access easy even to elderly people or people  with reduced mobilityThe tricycles DI BLASI are very useful for people who have difficulty riding a bicycle, for elderly who want to keep fit, for people with minor mobility difficulties  or simply people who are looking for a different way of cycling. They increase mobility and autonomy of people that usually ride a pedal tricycle.

Weight of the tricycle 21,9 kg – 48 lb
Unfolded tricycle width 69 cm – 27,1 in
Folded tricycle dimensions 72 x 32 x 65(h) cm – 28,3 x 12,6 x 25,6(h) in
Maximum user weight 100 kg – 220 lb
Tires 20 x 1.35 (diameter 48 cm)
Rims In light alloy mounted with stainless steel spokes
Crankset 42 teeth – 170 mm
Speed gear 6 sprockets freewheel with derailleur operated by twist grip
Brakes 2 brakes on the front wheel. Parking device on one of the two

Folding and unfolding
To fold the tricycle, three simple operations and only 5 seconds are necessary. Nothing to unscrew or screw. When folded, a handle allows to drag the tricycle on its service wheels, like a trolley. Unfolding is at same simple and quick.

Riding comfort
The tricycle is stable and comfortable.  The large wheels (20”) and the 6-speed freewheel make it ideal even for long journeys. The low frame makes easy the  access even to elderly people or people with  moving difficulty.

Seat height
The tricycle is available in three variants, allowing three different seat height adjustments:

  • Standard (Code 3285): the saddle can be adjusted in three positions, 82.5 cm (32,5 in) or 78 cm (30,7 in) or 73,5 cm (28,9 in) from the pedals
  • Junior (Code 3340): the saddle can be adjusted in two positions, 73.5 cm (28,9) or 69 cm (27,1 in) from the pedals
  • Cadet (Code 3140): the seat height is fixed, 64 cm (25,2 in) from the pedals.

Standard equipment
In addition to what is indicated in the specifications, the standard equipment includes:

  • Folding pedals
  • Rear luggage rack
  • Front LED light
  • Rear LED light.


  • Carrying bag (Code 3500)
  • Rear basket (Code 3490)
  • Shopping bag (Code 1252)
  • Rearview mirror (Cod.3470)

Accessories for people with minor orthopedic problems
For the greater comfort of people with minor orthopedic problems, the following accessories and variants are available:

  • Backrest (Code 3290)
  • Folding pedals with toe clips (Cod 3150)
  • Derailleur operated by thumb shifter located on the left side (Code 3110).
  • The two brakes operated with one lever (Code 3130)

Technical assistance

The tricycle is manufactured in Italy by a company that has been producing folding vehicles (bicycles, tricycles, mopeds, scooters) for 50 years, always innovative in their conception. This fact is a guarantee of technical assistance always available over the years.

Some curiosities
The first models of folding tricycles were produced by DI BLASI  from the year 2000 and were fitted with 16″ wheels. The current R32 and R34 tricycles are being produced  since 2005

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