Folding tricycle with electric auxiliary motor

The tricycle DI BLASI is the only foldable one available in the market. It can be folded in just five seconds, with three simple steps, to such dimensions that it can be easily carried  in the boot of cars, on campers, on public means of transport, etc. and therefore can be used even away from home and on travel.

It is available in two models.

  • The mod. R32 is driven only by pedals.
  • The mod. R34 can be driven by pedals and by an auxiliary electric motor: it is ideal for the elderly or people with minor mobility difficulties because it allows to move effortlessly even uphill or for longer journeys.

The technical solutions adopted to fold and unfold the DI BLASI tricycle are absolutely original and in the van and all with the aim of making folding easy and quick, of reducing as much as possible its dimensions when folded, of reducing its weight while maintaining robustness and safety.

The tricycles DI BLASI are very useful for people who have difficulty riding a bicycle, for elderly who want to keep fit, for people with minor mobility difficulties  or simply people who are looking for a different way of cycling. They increase mobility and autonomy of people that usually ride a pedal tricycle.