Foldable electric moped


The electric folding moped DI BLASI mod. R70 is the ideal solution for intermodal mobility. When unfolded it is a normal moped easy and pleasant to ride, but in four seconds with two simple steps it can be folded to the size of a bag, so that it can easily find  place in the boot of the cars, in public means of transport, etc.

With the same ease it can be unfolded and made ready for use.

The moped DI BLASI is therefore very useful for commuters and, in particular, for people who prefer to leave the car in the parking, unload the moped from the boot and drive easily in the city with it.

The moped DI BLASI requires very little maintenance, which is very important especially if it is used as a  services vehicle. In fact, it is the most economical and practical means for providing return driver services to car rentals, garages, etc.

On request it can be equipped with a useful rear luggage rack  which folds automatically together with the moped and which does not increase its dimensions when folded. It can also be equipped with a sturdy carrying bag.

Weight with battery 35,2 kg – 71,6 lb
Weight without battery 24,6 kg – 54,2 lb (the battery can be removed in one second)
Wheelbase 97.5 cm – 38,4 in
Folded dimensions 69 x 35 x 64(h) cm  – 27,1 x 13,8 x 25,2(h) in
Motor brushless 48V – Max continuous power: 1.15 kw
Battery 48V – 30Ah
Maximum speed 40 km/h
Maximum climbable slope approximately 12%
Autonomy 60 km in standard use conditions
Seats 1
Maximum driver weight 100 kg – 220 lb
Tires 4.00-5
Suspensions Elastic suspension on two wheels
Brakes drum d=70 mm

Folding and unfolding
To fold the moped, two simple operations and only 4 seconds are necessary. Nothing to unscrew or screw. Unfolding is at same simple and quick.

The following are the available accessories:

  • Carrying bag (Cod.7080)
  • Rear carrier (Cod. 7060)

The battery can be removed in one second and can be recharged on board the moped or separately.
The battery is a lithium-iron one (LiFePO4). This type of  battery is considered the safest among all the batteries. Its life, i.e. the number of charge and discharge cycles that it can carry out, is over 2,000 cycles against the 500 cycles of the lithium-ion batteries usually used in electric vehicles. Furthermore, during the discharge the voltage remains almost constant so that also the performances remain almost constant during use.

Technical assistance
The scooter R30 is produced in Italy by a company that since 50 years has been manufacturing folding vehicles (bicycles, tricycles, mopeds, scooters), always innovative in their design. This fact is a guarantee of technical assistance always available along the years.

Riding rules
The moped DI BLASI is subject to the same regulations which apply to normal non-folding mopeds

Some curiosities
A first prototype of a folding moped was carried out, on experimental basis, by the founder of our company, Rosario Di Blasi,  in the years between 1952 and 1954. However, only in 1973 he carried out  a moped whose folding was really simple thanks to the frame shaped like an articulated quadrilateral. The first model of this moped was the mod. R2 which was powered by a Franco Morini two-stroke engine. It was exhibited for the first time at the Milan Cycle and Motorcycle Show in November 1973 and its series production began in January 1974.


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