For your free time.
Foldable vehicles,
in the city
or on holiday

From the foldable R22 bicycle to the electric foldable R70 moped, and from the foldable R32 tricycle to the foldable R30 mobility scooter, we have solutions for the whole family’s mobility. Light, easy to fold, fast and maneuverable, the Di Blasi foldable vehicles are practical and compact.

Once folded they become as small as a carry-on suitcase, making them easy to transport in the boot of a car as well as on a train and public transport. They can be opened with just one gesture and turn into an agile mode of transportation that is pleasant to drive in just a few seconds, able to go anywhere with maximum freedom.

Ready-to-use practicality, independence and freedom of movement, available in various models and with numerous accessories (including orthopedic).

AAgile and light.

Easy to fold and unfold.

Safe and solid.

Does not require special maintenance.

Easy to transport.

They adapt to every need

Foldable R70 Moped

Foldable R70 Moped
with electric motor

Foldable moped R7E
with two-stroke engine

Foldable bicycle R22 / R22S
pedal operated

Our Story

The founder of our company was Mr Rosario Di Blasi. We would love you to discover his story as an inventor and entrepreneur…

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