For the elderly
and disabled

Rediscover freedom
of movement

Foldable tricycles and foldable scooters that are perfect for the disabled, the elderly and generally whoever has minor mobility issues and therefore needs to be able to count on a mode of transport that is comfortable, light and easy both to drive and transport.

Conceived for the elderly or those who, because of disability, have difficulty getting around and require a mode of transport for everyday movements, the Di Blasi foldable vehicles open and close with a simple gesture in a few seconds, with zero effort. Equipped with numerous accessories, including orthopedic ones, thanks to their lightness and compactness can be taken anywhere with no problem, thus guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement.

Di Blasi foldable tricycles and scooters are equipped with an electric motor which provides significant autonomy, allowing anyone to get around the city and travel on any type of road with zero effort – even uphill and for longer journeys.

Agility and maneuverability, for an easy transportation.

Great sturdiness and light materials.

Accessibility, thanks to a lowered main frame.

Easy both to drive and transport.

Remarkably stable and safe, thanks to its large wheels

Maximum comfort, even on unpaved roads.

Foldable R30 Scooter
with electric motor

Foldable R32 tricycle

Foldable electric tricycle mod. R34
with auxiliary electric motor

Our Story

The founder of our company was Mr Rosario Di Blasi. We would love you to discover his story as an inventor and entrepreneur…

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