Folding mopeds

The Di Blasi foldable mopeds are the ideal solution for flexible mobility, and generally for commuters, tourists and those searching for a practical and light moped to navigate the city. Easy to drive, fast (maximum speed: 45 km/h), extremely easy to bring on a train, bus, plane, boat or in the boot of a car, the Di Blasi foldable mopeds fold and unfold with easy in an instant, they require very little maintenance and can be equipped with a convenient foldable rear luggage carrier.

Different types:
The Di Blasi foldable mopeds are available either in the electric motor version (R70) or with a catalytic two-stroke engine (R7E). To satisfy every type of mobility need, the two stroke moped R7E can be also offered in stainless steel (model R7ES), designed especially for a marine environment.

The two-stroke catalytic motor R7E model has an engine size of 49 CC and meets the necessary regulation requirements for a moped of this engine size.

As motorized vehicles, Di Blasi foldable mopeds, in both the electric R70 and internal combustion two-stroke engine version (R7E), require insurance and a license plate, and must be driven while wearing a helmet.

How much do they cost?
Contacts us to find out more about prices for the Di Blasi foldable scooters and the various accessories available.

Foldable R70 Moped

Foldable R70 Moped
with electric motor

Foldable moped R7E
with two-stroke engine

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The founder of our company was Mr Rosario Di Blasi. We would love you to discover his story as an inventor and entrepreneur…

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