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The R70 Foldable Electric Scooter: the practical and safe choice for “designated drivers”

The DI BLASI R70 foldable electric scooter is the perfect vehicle for those who need to move through traffic easily. Practical, lightweight, comfortable and easy to drive, it’s ideal for commuters, travellers and more generally for those who need to get around in the city and want to avoid getting stuck in the inevitable daily traffic jams. A further benefit of the scooter is that it can be easily folded and transported in the luggage compartment of any car, so the driver can complete part of their journey by car and the other part by scooter. This saves both time and money, greatly reducing fuel costs, and guarantees the utmost safety.

A typical and interesting example of how practical and safe the Di Blasi foldable scooters are, is their use in countries such as Spain, Australia and the USA by so-called ‘designated drivers’ services. It’s a particularly valuable service which can be used by those who have consumed alcohol within public pubs and bars, and who are not in a fit state to drive. As soon as the ‘designated drivers’ are called, they will go and pick the client up from wherever they are and drive them home, so as to avoid incidents of drink-driving.

It is a testament to the quality of the foldable Di Blasi motorcycles that they are the transportation of choice for such a delicate and important task. The versatility, practicality and safety of the Di Blasi scooter allows drivers to reach the client quickly, even when there are congested roads. Once the ‘designated driver’ has reached the client, they are able to quickly fold away the scooter and place it in the boot of the client’s car. They then use the client’s car to drive them home, before unfolding and using the scooter once more to return to their base.

The ‘designated driver’ is of great importance in these countries where there are strict laws against drink driving. The ‘designated driver’ is an extremely important social service which prevents drink driving accidents, as well as being a useful instrument for those who might be slightly over the limit to avoid fines, points on their licence or even confiscation if they are stopped.

This vital service can be carried out efficiently and effectively thanks to how easy it is to fold the Di Blasi scooter and place it in practically any vehicle’s luggage compartment. The Di Blasi foldable scooter is a secure and reliable mode of transport which doesn’t require maintenance and as it’s electric, doesn’t risk damaging the vehicle’s interior with leaks, stains or overheating.


Please find below some ‘designated driver’ service websites:

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