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Six Good Reasons For Choosing The Di Blasi R30 Foldable Electric Scooter

Those who use a scooter daily know how practical and manageable a mode of transport it is for moving freely around the city – and beyond.

An electric scooter adds numerous benefits to these already sizeable qualities. Electric scooters are in fact quieter, more ecological and cheaper to run than classic gasoline engine scooters.

Electric mobility scooters play an extremely important role in the daily lives of many, especially adults and the elderly, who can opt for a foldable electric scooter which is particularly comfortable and suitable for those with reduced mobility. The most obvious advantage of a foldable electric mobility scooter is its dimension and portability. Important advantages, and there are many more when choosing the Di Blasi R30 foldable electric scooter.


Why choose the Di Blasi R30 foldable electric scooter?


1. It can be stored anywhere

Traditional scooters (both gas engine and electric) require a parking space. The Di Blasi R30 foldable scooter, on the other hand, is designed to be folded and stored in small spaces, even in an apartment, thanks to its small dimensions and light weight.

Compared with other foldable scooters that can be dismantled, the Di Blasi R30 scooter folds conveniently by itself: just push a button, and in a few seconds the scooter can be easily transported and stored securely, just like a small suitcase.


2. It’s intermodal

For commuters, those who use trains and motorways daily, or those who simply want to have a scooter to use on a journey or holiday, the Di Blasi R30 foldable electric scooter is the ideal solution.

When closed, it converts to a small, wheeled suitcase, easy to transport anywhere, thanks to its practical handle. Whether travelling by train, car, public transport or even simply using a lift or escalator, the Di Blasi R30 scooter allows total freedom of movement, passing from one mode to the next with utter ease. More and more airlines and shipping companies accept this type of “luggage”, meaning it can even be used on long journeys and cruises.


3. It’s stable, manageable and safe

As opposed to other scooters (both “traditional” and foldable), the Di Blasi R30 foldable electric scooter has three large wheels, each measuring 30 cm. This makes it extremely stable and safe even on more challenging, rougher roads with small bumps, which might otherwise be insurmountable. Its reduced swerving margin makes it easily manageable even in small or crowded spaces. Its electrical motor is capable of tackling slopes of over 10%.


4. It’s equipped with extra accessories

The R30 scooter is equipped with many features to make it a practical and versatile companion for daily travel. There’s a basket on the front which is perfect for shopping and storing personal belongings, as well as armrests which are especially comfortable for longer journeys; a case protects the folded scooter, the rear-view mirror is useful for the city, while the new padded transport trolley is an essential when travelling by plane and in general.


5. It has an automatic lift to load it into your car

Placing a Di Blasi R30 scooter in the trunk of a car couldn’t be easier – thanks to the automatic luggage compartment lift, it’s possible to load and unload the scooter into a car without any effort. Easy to install in a vast range of vehicles without need for a technician, the automatic Di Blasi trunk lift is powered by the same battery as the scooter, and with the correct equipment can even be powered using the car battery. Once the scooter has been loaded into a trunk, it’s automatically blocked by the same lift and as such doesn’t budge while the vehicle is moving.


6. It can be used by anyone, and is ideal for the elderly and those with reduced mobility

Convenient for all, the Di Blasi R30 foldable electric scooter is ideal for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, who value its lightness, stability and practicality. They also find the accessories extremely useful, namely the walking stick holder and extendable footrest which is handy for those who have difficulty bending their knees.


For further information or to find your closest retailer, send an email to info@diblasi.it.

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