La nostra storia

Feb 01

The beginnings

The company founder, Rosario Di Blasi, has spent much of his life to discovering, inventing, designing innovative ideas that solved..Read More

Feb 01

Back in Sicily

At the end of the forties, Rosario Di Blasi left the Air Force and went to take care of his..Read More

Feb 01

Salons and patents

The DIBLA 7 was shown at the 1968 Turin Motor Show and on this occasion Mr Di Blasi had the..Read More

Feb 01

Take your ideas to company

So we arrive in 1973 with a new innovative idea in terms of folding vehicles: a hinged frame quadrilateral which..Read More

Feb 01

Perfecting innovations

In 1979, the mod. R2 was replaced by the mod. R7, with more efficient motor, automatic speed control and with..Read More

Feb 01

A modern brands and on the move

Since 2000 it has started the production of a tricycle in a new concept pedals and covered by patents. Its..Read More

Apr 26

Corporate video

The story in pictures of the life of our company, for more than 40 years at the forefront in the..Read More