R30 in UK
Dear Trish, the Di Blasi scooter was the best, there could happen to Grethe, it gave her the freedom back, she loved go shopping in Chester, Cheshire Oaks, Northwich and Manchester. We loved to cruise with Seebourn and with her Di Blasi she could go on all tours deep in to the forest in India to the top of the world Acropolis it really changes her life. She could rid right up to the gate and do the shopping in the duty free. I will truly recommend Di Blasi and Cavendish Healthcare...
Moshik Lin [Israel]
[...] in recent years walking for long distances became difficult for me. So when Mr. Fruehling offered me to try the Di Blasi folding scooter, I got curious, and after trying it once, I fell in love with it. It’s genious. it’s beautiful. it’s easy to use. it’s exactly what I needed (and beleive me, i saw dozens of scooters in the internet). Moshik Lin [Israel]
Di Blasi R32 and R34 are the best tricycles ever
I am writing to say how impressed I am with the Di Blasi R32 and R34 folding tricycles. I brought one second hand last summer and after a bit of practice, I must say this is the best tricycle EVER. Conventional tricycles are impractical and bulky and hard to store and most train operators won't allow them. I have done my own review of folding tricycles and for me, the R32/R34 is not only the best tricycle ever produced, it is the most practical, as it is not only easy to store, it can be taken on any train, tram, metro or bus, of any design, any time and anywhere. I have seen many great Italian designs for many things but this one is the best Italian Design of recent times and I doubt anything will ever get anywhere as well thought-out and engineered as the Di Blasi R32. This is top class. Daniel (18/10/16)  
Lo scooter che mi ha cambiato la vita
Volevo ringraziare assolutamente la Di Blasi industriale per il bellissimo prodotto che mi ha cambiato la vita, Vi invio una foto ripresa da video di rai3 regionale del Friuli-venezia giulia di oggi 5 luglio in occasione della pedonalizzazione di alcune vie del centro di Trieste. Visibile anche sul sito del tg regionale del friuli venezia-giulia . R30 Veramente un gran prodotto. Grazie ancora Gianfranco Toscano - Italia
Piero Cenerini – Italia
Gli italiani si sono sempre distinti come inventori ma nel caso della di blasi hanno superato se stessi creando oggetti unici al mondo. da anni ne faccio uso personalmente nonostante abbia alcune difficolta a deambulare normalmente posso dire che con i mezzi creati dal sig. rosario e tutto il suo staff posso svolgere normalmente le mie attivita ed i miei hobbis senza sentirmi penalizzato. ringrazio tutti voi e vi auguro buon lavoro un saluto dalla maremma piero cenerini Piero Cenerini - Italia
DAVID – 11 years old, ”…to build my own tricycle.”
We knew about David through his parents, by e-mail, and we meet here at our offices on Wednesday, March 9. David has already visualized himself ridding a DI-BLASI red tricycle. Is there a better way of achieving a goal?? Talking with his parents, we realized that this vehicle will help David in his rehabilitation; it will allow him to go to the park with his family, and share with his brother Pau lots of wonderful moments. We talked to him; he understood immediately that he would have to add some personal effort to ours. He told us that he was ready to put all of his commitment and hard work to be able to sit on his tricycle. On Thursday, March 11, David and his family visit us and bring along a wonderful piece of work. Here you have it. In addition to working fast, David has overlooked every single detail of his tricycle. He drew himself as a #1 Champion, which is exactly what he is; a warrior and winner of daily fights, with a wonderful heart and a breathtaking tenderness. Jordi (father): "Since we meet you, all the family has shared David's ILUSION. We went through it together. Thank you!!" T. R. - Barcelona (Spain)
My trike!
Hi there Brian, I cannot but praise Di Blasi in inventing this wonderful folding trike and yourself for selling it here in the UK. You have enabled me to be able to be able to transport it, and be also to enjoy the delights of cycling. Please see attached photo of me with Bella (my name for my Trike). I'll keep you posted as to how the ride goes on Sunday. Regards Y. N. - UK
Ciao, mein herzlicher Dank dem genialen Konstrukteur dieses faltbaren Dreirads! Wegen einer Gehbehinderung nach einem Schädel-Hirn-Trauma ist mein Aktionsradius stark eingeschränkt. Doch mit Ihrem Dreirad bin ich seit vier Jahren wieder sehr mobil: Es hat mich nicht nur durch mehrere deutsche Städte (wie Hamburg, Dresden und München) getragen, sondern war mir auch schon auf beiden Seiten des Ärmelkanals (in Dover, Cambridge, Oxford und Saint-Malo) ein treuer Gefährte, hat in Mailand und Cremona für meine Mobilität gesorgt und unlängst (erst vor einer Woche) auch in Rom - Foto anbei. Herzliche Grüße Jürgen Bauer - Norimberga, Germania
Out and about on my tricycle
... For Stewart, having the tricycle has given him back some freedom and independence and also provides a valuable means of exercise. Getting out together is no longer stressful but totally enjoyable. We can wander off from the car without worrying about how far we go and Stew still has energy to play with the children when we arrive at our destination. When I think back to the year before we had the 'trike' and how claustrophobic we felt (especially Stewart), there is no comparison, it really has given us back quality of life. ... Sarah White - U. K.